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The Health Benefits of Teas

Posted May 11 2010 12:00am
"The polyphenols (antioxidants) found in tea are very effective in preventing cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging blood vessels. Green tea has been shown to improve the health of the delicate cells lining the blood vessels, which helps lower one's risk of heart disease."

- From "The Health Benefits of Teas"

I had my cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, etc. checked for my company's health plan. I was doing good in all areas except my HDL was 39 and should be 40 or higher. It seems to me it used to be even lower than that, so I was happy! I'm on the right track. They said to eat more fish (working on it), more leafy greens (also working on it) and get more exercise (meh.) I've been doing yoga twice a week plus daily evening walks. I should probably exercise more but it is hard to do when you feel nasty!

Then I did some research and found a more uplifting article: Impact of dark chocolate and cocoa powder on heart disease ♥ I can totally do that.

She told me not to eat as much fatty meats or junk food and I almost laughed in her face. IF ONLY SHE KNEW what I eat!!!
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