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Sunday, Bloody Sunday..

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

..nose, that is. Trying to remove the snot from one's sinus cavities by blowing forcefully many times seems to do that. It's odd because the only other time I had a bloody nose was when my sister shoved my face into the corner of an open dresser drawer.
My sister was a sadistic child. Now she's a rich executive. I wonder if there's a correlation.

Other than bloodying a great pair of jammies ( not my favorite, thank god) today has been relatively uneventful. Phrmacy and movie returning runs, and walks with pugs. Returning from our afternoon walk we saw Big Scary Drug Dealers BIg Scary Dog, whom Girl Pug is in LOVE with. She's also in love with Big Scary Drug Dealer, because when he sees her coming, he squeals "Here, pug pug pug" in a high falsetto and rubs her belly when she flops on her back in her sluttish Beached Whale style.

BSDD and BSDDBSD were in front of Housing Project Named After A Dead President Number 7, running in a gated off area of grass the poor folkd can look at but not touch. I let Girl and Boy pugs leashes go and they darted under benches to run wild in the leaves and chicken bones strewn grassy knoll. Girl Pug dashed insanely about and I felt like a horrid Pug Mom for not having a yard..poor city dogs.

Boy Pug dashed to the door of Dead President Housing Project, where an evil janitor yelled at him and made threatening gestures. To a 20 pound pug. I then yelled and made obscene gestures to evil janitor, 'cause she went and got my ghetto riled up. The longer I live in NYC, the more my polite, meek, naive midwestern girl mannerisms vanish. I'm not any means, but iffn ya mess wit me, Imma gonna say sumthin 'bout it, and possibly flip you off.

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