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Special events not so special

Posted Oct 11 2010 12:00am
"Special events" such as parties, weddings, showers, trips, vacations, conferences - anything involving travel and extra stress. They kick my butt! The past 2 weekends were full of 'em for some family events. I'm really happy for those family members, and I tried to enjoy the events as much as possible but. . .I'm "whooped" now. You'd think I ran a marathon, that's how tired I am. Then the rest of the week I will drag my sorry butt into work, feeling like crud. Oh well, that's life. . .If it gets too bad I can use some PTO time. I hope it'll pass. I get sick of having to take PTO all the time.

I consider any special event a success if I a.) do not have a migraine and b.) have a very small bit of fun :) This time I did have a migraine but not until the very end of the event and I was able to sleep it off. Fun was had. Success!
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