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Semi Coherent

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

I am going to try and make it into work tonight, They have been forewarned that I may end up speaking in tounghes and crawling on the floor. But as we are now making easter goodies, perhaps I can experience a rebirth, of sorts. Cover me in Hot Cross Buns Glaze and I come out a healed

I'm highly anxious right now. I want to give up and move into my parents basemet. But I wont. I'll make it through the week, likely with lots of drugs, and then find out the new game plan at the pee doctor Monday. I just hope it doesn't involve surgery, cause then my mom has to come stay with me, and THAT IS NOT GOOD

I'm about as beat down as I've been in a while. Bunny stomping pain will do that to you, especially whey it launches sneak attacks on your body. On the plus side the pugs adore me stoned, and keep nesting into me and following me everwhere to make sure I'm not going to puke up a possible snack.

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