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Posted Aug 07 2009 12:10pm
This month is gonna be an active blogging month for me as I anticipate my shoulder arthroscopy! Plus, I'm done with my intro to HTML class which was taking up a lot of my time :)

At work I am somewhat surprised (although I shouldn't be) at the LACK of concern I am encountering with people. I'm telling some of my co-workers about my surgery, so that they can give me their projects now rather than waiting until I'm gone and realizing they need something and freaking out about it. You see I am a quiet little worker bee, droning away in my cubicle and always there when they need me. Sometimes they wait until the last minute to give me things, and I am able to perform miracles.

I guess that's why they're not showing much concern for me - they use me to make themselves look good! If I'm not here then they'll have to admit they didn't plan ahead. It just irks me. I try to treat everyone with respect and give them lead time. I don't get a lot of lead time from certain people. There are a few generous ones, and I am so thankful for them. But I've become so used to working "under the gun" I don't think about it much anymore.

My latest favorite saying is "Actions speak louder than words." I will know who my TRUE friends are when instead of crying about what they want, they'll be helping me! That is one of the benefits of being chronically ill - it separates the loving ones from the selfish ones! The superficial people kind of drift away and the true loving friends remain. This is a gift of sorts, which I would not have if I was healthy all the time.
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