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Save Natural Thyroid!

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

I'm a little bit peeved about this. I've been taking Armour thyroid for about a year and a half. I felt so good as soon as I started on it! An osteopathic doctor prescribed it to me when we were trying to figure out the source of some of my pain. As soon as I started on it my back spasms completely disappeared! About the time of my shoulder surgery, I ran out and tried to pick some more up at my local pharmacy. They said it was backorderd. I kept calling and calling hoping that some would miraculously show up. No luck. Backordered, backordered, and no one had it. Meanwhile I ran out of pills and had to ask my doc for a different med. He prescribed Synthroid which is a synthetic thyroid hormone.

Well for me I'd say it's better than nothing, but not as good as Armour. I started getting some back spasms again and about the time I sit down for dinner in the evening I break out in a cold sweat. I ask my hubby "Is it hot in here?" and he says "No." I'm pretty sure it's from the Synthroid 'cause I never got that feeling with Armour. However I'd hate to see what I'd feel like without any thryoid med - it would be back to feeling tired and sluggish, sleeping all day and gaining weight for no reason.

From what I read, the FDA has targeted natural dessicated thyroid meds as "unapproved drugs." People have been taking it for YEARS and they're just now deciding this? Armour is not a big moneymaker for the drug companies so they are not fighting the decision very hard. This makes me angry because there are thousands of other people like me. Who is going to speak up for people who need this medication?? What about the people who've taken it for years longer than me, and are now going without? Just because it's an inexpensive treatment, no one wants to bother with us???!

I have joined this group and I'm hoping they will offer some ways we can speak up.
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