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Rubio, who only 10 games made eight goals was laughed at: hit number less than the number of appearances

Posted Jan 16 2013 3:46am
Jin "Ricky rubio, who - have less give prize performance. Especially in the field of performance, it may be said is horrible," SAN Antonio express newspaper reporter for this also can't help but mock up rubio, who." By the end of the season so far today, rubio, who play a total of 10 games, a total of 36 times out, but only eight times hit, hit number even less than appearances, "the SAN Antonio express newspaper reporter Dan - McCandless meters in the individual's push on wrote. In Cheap Lebron 9 fact, although others and there is no one like McCandless meters as mock rubio, who, but to see this season's rubio, who, for he disappointed certainly is not a few. This season, rubio, who since returning from injury for the back are 20.1 minutes, averaging 3.6 times out, averaging only get 3.8 points and 4.6 assists 1.8 rebounds and 1.4 steals. Although this and his shots, is averaging less time there is a great relationship between (averaged 34.1 minutes last season for shots, averaging 9.5 times), but his shot is also truly let person some can't accept. This season, rubio, who is averaging 3.6 times out, averaging only 0.8 times hit, the percentage is only 22.2%, a total of eight 3-pointers shots, but no hit, the percentage is 0%.Although the shooting is not rubio, who comparisons, but shooting so low obviously difficult to and his price matching. Make a contrast, you will find, the league this season shooting not more than 22.2% of the players only nine. Appearances than rubio, who, and percentage than he also low only bulls backup Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes center accept this MoHan's - muhammad (percentage is 19%). The rest of the players are very low percentage for each team fringe players, some teams have been cut. On behalf of the timberwolves this season for 10 games, rubio, who already have three games score is zero. In addition to his face in the game when the mavericks, and points the second time get eight points, nine rebounds, three assists and steals the performance, the rest of the game, rubio, who play are very general. Before this, timberwolves core Kevin - loew said, "rubio, who had just recovered from injury of, need time slowly recovering," but the time has the past a month, rubio, who's performance was not significantly improved. In today's defeat to the mavericks game, rubio, who play 26 minutes, 3 throw in 2 to get six points 6 assists and five rebounds, and this is his best performance of the game in the near future. If you want to return to last season's level, rubio, who need to do also many. The local time, on Monday night, the mavericks owner mark Cuban said in an Cheap Lebron 9 Low interview team will on February 21 trade deadline to seek the possibility of all transactions, saying as long as it is to the Dallas mavericks have help deal, will not have any apprehension, don't worry about to eat into the contract. "We hope that everyone knows "library class bank opened". "Library class said," as long as it is reasonable the transaction, we don't mind get big contract. But we will not purely for trade and trade, must be a value of the transaction. "The payroll in the salary cap, they have the space to introduce large contract new boy. All the time, library class all emphasize the team title in 2011, not with several main reason, the purpose is to contract in the trading market more flexibility, not just make enough salary cap space in the free market to attract big. The mavericks core dirk nowitzki has recently pointed out, the team last summer missed deron Williams this summer. Although the free market will also have the clippers point guard Chris Paul, lakers center Dwight Howard such a big star, but the widespread say they would choose a left-behind Los Angeles. Therefore, the current 16-23 negative calf is concerned, the best way to improve strength may be trading. Library class already clear statement are willing to seek all transactions may be, the existing squad only nowitzki one is not for sale. Every day, he would to team basketball affairs President tang - nelson advice.Library class of words and deeds were also nowitzki see in the eye. German Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap said: "he's still trying to help the team get better, it certainly is a good news. When I was in 2010 when the contract, he is so assured me that. I want to make sure that he is still fighting for, to help the team continue to gain more victory. Of course, that time we don't know the next year, the team can win the championship. That is really great experience, but in my contract, our goal is the next four years to be able to win. So let's wait and see."
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