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Pincushion day

Posted Jun 25 2008 5:09pm
This morning I had my lumbar MRI. I haven't heard otherwise so I'm guessing the x-rays ruled out tumor etc. since I got the call to come in for an MRI. They ordered it without contrast but once the people at the imaging center saw how many spinal surgeries I've had, they showed the doc in charge and he did an override. So, contrast it was.

We headed over to my clinical trial check-up. I didn't realize visit 4 was a labs day. So, there went some blood. The lady didn't do as nice a job as the MRI girl, constantly shifting the needle around, wiggling it, pushing and pulling, trying to get me to bleed. Anyone who knows me knows I bleed like a stuck pig and my draws are notoriously easy...if you know what you're doing.

My chair is going to take longer than expected; it has an expected ship date of July 2.

I hate being stuck in this situation. I need all my brain stuff replaced, need my right subclavian artery fixed, and God only knows what I've messed up in my lumbar where they did the L2-3-4-5 laminectomies, tumor removal, and filum terminale release (followed by 4 month leak).

And of course I was denied a Medigap supplement by the only company that offers one here. Screwed. We can't pay 20% of all of those surgeries, not again. Not an option. Just doesn't seem right to live in America and not be able to get the care needed to live.
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