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Physical therapy report

Posted Jan 17 2013 12:00am
Yesterday I was finally discharged from about a month's worth of physical therapy for my sciatica and hip pain. I am glad to say it is much improved. All that remains is a slight tightness in the tailbone area. . .the PT in charge of my care said that is what usually happens. I am to continue my exercises and hopefully work the rest of that tightness out. I doubt it will go away 100% - this is probably the best it will be due to the wobbly joints and instability.

The worst part of this whole PT experience was the traction machine. It consisted of laying on a table and being strapped down really tight while a machine pulled 50 lbs. of weight on my hips. It loosened my hips up quite a bit but the straps made me dizzy and then I developed rib pain so severe I couldn't use my arm or turn my body! Maybe a rib was popped out, I don't know. But I only let them do that twice. It helped a little but otherwise it was terrifying. Another odd thing was they had me walk on a treadmill BACKWARDS. I was imagining what they would say if I went to the fitness gym at work and did that.

Otherwise it was just straightforward exercises, many of which I had done in yoga class a couple years ago. I jokingly said, "Hey maybe I should just go back to yoga class," but the PT and I both agreed that my joints were way to wobbly for that. I can do some selected poses on my own, but other poses are definitely too dangerous or would aggravate things more.

A sidenote: I have never told this particular place about EDS because it is too stressful and I don't want to waste energy arguing with people who are not open to new info. I generally wait for the right time to bring that up and the assistant PT gave that to me. She kept commenting that my "joints are so hypermobile" and I am "too petite and don't have enough muscle to keep the joints in place." I was like yeah that is EDS all right, but I didn't say anything. She kept saying that and then asked if I'd had blood tests. Finally I got sick of her asking and digging and prying, so I asked her if she'd heard of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She said "No, what's that?" and I said "Basically what you said, my joints don't stay in place."

Now the weird thing about it is she didn't ask how to spell it, or any more details. She said "Oh." and got really quiet. I thought if she really WANTED to learn she would ask more about it, or how to spell it but she got really silent and that was the end of it. I was thinking to myself "Yeah this is why I don't bring it up - they don't listen!" I suppose it would be better to have a brochure or book or something I could hand her, but I didn't and she didn't seem to want any more info. It was just odd. I got stressed out just from that little interaction because I felt she was not listening or not taking me seriously. In all honesty if they are treating my symptoms I'm satisfied with that and I don't care what name they call it. I know some day people will know what EDS is. My family doctor knows I have it. But I just don't have the time or energy to convince all these specialists and specialist's assistants and therapists etc.

P.S. Update from last posts: everyone around here has gotten the flu including some who got the flu shot! So my family is a little less weirded out by my Christmas illness. At least 20 people have died in my state. It's crazy.
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