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Oh, My EYES! Version 2

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

Can I get a HOOOYAH?

1. Doesn't look like Stupid Spinal Brain Disease B!

2. Doesn't look like full blown Glaucoma!

3. Suspiciousy glaucoma-y spot that must be closely monitored, but right now...not technically glaucoma!

4. Optic pressure related to intracranial pressure levels have DROPPED but are still a wee bit high

5. The fact they DROPPED would indicate the syrinx, AKA Spinal Bubble Of Doom, may be draining!

6. The fact they dropped also means that the whole damn term " decompression surgery" means it might have actually worked, and my brain is, slowly but surely, being decompressed!

Oh yeah. I rock. I'm super awesome. My droopy poofy brain is now all chillin' inside its roomy new house with the lovely floor to ceiling new window that was put in during the remodel, and it's obnoxious bloated neighbor Syringomyelia quit trying to shove her 15 kids into one double wide trailer and have now tacked on an addtion made of sheet metal and plywood so they can quit sleeping 4 to a twin bed.

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