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New Neurosurgeon

Posted Nov 09 2009 5:38pm
I went to see Dr. Spence today. He is the Co-Director of Neurosurgery at St.Anthony Hospital along side of Dr. Barry. I was very impressed with him. He did not look at me as if I was an idiot and was the very first neurosurgeon I've seen since being diag in 99 that explained to me about the spinal fluid coming from the 4th or 5th, ok I slept since the appt, ventricle and up and down the spinal cord. He showed me on my film that there was absolutely no spinal fluid on the front side of my spinal cord. He also showed me that my C3 thru T1 was in fact compressing my spinal cord even though the MRI report specifically states that there is no compression. He showed me on my film proof that there is notable spinal cord injury because of the darkness of the spinal cord from that point down. He made sure to tell me that this is very very serious and something as simple as me falling from the vertigo, stepping off a curb and jarring myself, whipping my head around to see if its ok to switch lanes, or picking up something too heavy could sever my spinal cord since at several points it is only 7 mm when it should be 13. I have to have surgery now, but he said he cant do the decompression because of the severity of my cervical spine. He stated that if the were to put me in position for decompression with the way my c spine is now it is likely that I would end up paralysised. I have to go back in 2 weeks and he recommends surgery within a month for C spine heal for 4 weeks then decompression. He also asked me if I had problems with gag reflux, I told him no I just have to think about swallowing sometimes. So he took this long q tip, stuck it in the back of my thoat touching something back there told me to say aaaa and I didnt feel anything. He looks at me and says, you have lost your gag reflux. Oh really, my other neuro has never done that. He did a lot of other stuff that I had never had done before too. I was really impressed but still feel the need to get a second opinion from TCI.
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