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Posted Aug 26 2008 12:47pm

I have had a lot of trouble with nausea for the last 4 months. It is mostly in the mornings and most days I cannot eat anything until after lunch. I don't know why it is worse in the morning and I wish I could understand the mechanism behind it so I could do something about it.

Nausea can be caused by dysautonomia, chiari or cranial settling so I am not really sure where it is coming from. I do know that since I have been taking the beta blocker which slows my heartrate down, the nausea has been better.

But yesterday I had the worst case of nausea ever and I know why, although I can't really believe it. It was because I wrote out Christmas cards! I cheated for the first year ever and typed up a form letter to give to everyone, so I was just writing out names and addresses. I could feel the nausea getting worse but I kept thinking I only have a few left and I have to get my daughter from school soon so I just kept going to try and get the task completed.

I finally had to give up and leave a few undone. I felt so sick and when I went and looked in the mirror I was green around the gills. I had to go to school and get my daughter all while trying not to throw up. Another mom there said "Oh my, you aren't feeling well are you? You look awful, can I take you daughter home for a few hours?" So I know I really was looking as bad as I felt.

I came home and had to lay down for a few hours b/c I felt so sick and the feeling didn't pass for the rest of the days. I just know it was b/c I was looking down writing for about an hour b/c I could feel it coming on as I was doing it. I know I am very sensative to head positioning b/c I can cause heart arrhthymias just by kinking my neck funny and now apparently I can cause nausea just by writing Christmas cards!

I guess next time I 'll have to try and prop them up on something so I am not looking straight down at them. Once I brought the feeling on I just couldn't get rid of it either until now this morning after a nights sleep I seem better again. No writing for me today.

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