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Nasal Irrigation

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm
I used to be one of those kids who got sinus infections constantly. Even when I got older I often had to go to the doc for antibiotics. I took antihistamines and decongestants to clear out my often clogged nose. That was until I started to realize those meds made me feel SICK! So I stopped taking them. Then my nose was always clogged up with dry and sometimes bloody gunk :( My nose would get dry and gross during the winter. I was always trying unsuccessfully to clear the dried gunk out of my nose. I wasn't allergic to anything in particular, just dust in the air I suppose!

Last winter, getting tired of battling this, I decided to try out a neti pot! I'd heard of them but thought they seemed a little odd. Pouring water into your nose on purpose?!

Finally I decided to try it with an open mind. I will try just about anything ONCE!

I was pleasantly surprised! It did sting a bit, like when you go swimming and water gets up there. But for once, my sinuses were clear and hydrated, and they had a warm cozy feeling. So I continued the cleansing all winter up until I had surgery. I have just went back to it. I'm having some stinging so I'm going to try baking soda in the water. The only other problem I noticed was if I bend over I sometimes have "surprise" draining. That only happens if I haven't cleansed for awhile and my sinuses are inflamed inside.

I did a quick web search and found many sites explaining the benefits of nasal irrigation:
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