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More shoulder PT - but better!

Posted Apr 11 2013 12:00am
From reading my latest posts you may think I am a grouchy angry person, but in reality I'm just frustrated :-( I get tired of living in pain, and no one seeming to be able to help! That does make one a bit grouchy. So I went back to my orthopedic surgeon who operated on my shoulder back in 2009. . .he sort of shrugged me off like I was making a big deal over nothing. But, he did do a few x-rays, and then said I could have a cortisone shot (boo), more PT (boo) or have an MRI and see what was going on in there. I chose the last option because I'd already done the first two multiple times in the past, with very little results. So I fought back my nervousness and fear, and had my MRI. Then I fought back more anxiety to go back and hear the doctor say the results. Yes after all my bad experiences with doctors I have started to have panicky reactions in doctor offices.

This time the doctor once again shrugged me off, saying there was nothing wrong with the joint! I guess that's good, as I didn't want surgery. But I didn't like how he was sort of saying my problem was no big deal. He suggested I try PT again as he thought the issue was coming from the back of my shoulder and it was not an area we had necessarily worked on before. So I sadly agreed and he made some condescending remark along the lines of, "Cheer up! It just might work." :-/

So I went in yesterday but for some reason felt strangely calm? I was in severe pain that day and decided to wear my TENS unit so they could see what I am dealing with. They could see I'm not making this up. The PT was amazingly smart and knowledgeable about joint hypermobility!!! I was shocked. I told her I'd been there multiple times for PT in the past for both my shoulders and neck, and when I did the amount of stretches they wanted it made me MORE bendy and made me feel worse. But, if I didn't do any stretches my muscles would cramp and lock up. She said, "Yes it's a catch 22 isn't it?" She said I was very knowledgeable and educated about my hypermobility issues. She felt the main problem was instability in the neck, and muscles not holding my shoulder blades flat. She taped my shoulder blades and I immediately started feeling better. She demonstrated how when she held my shoulders back into place, I could raise my arms much better. My arms are NOT weak, because I do my exercises faithfully every morning! It's just the muscles in the back that hold the shoulders in place.

Overall I was shocked and amazed that this PT took the time to care, and figure out the problem instead of jumping me through the regular hoops like all the other PTs have done. She said, "There's no sense making you do the same things before that haven't worked." I was like, "What??! Can you say that again?!" She even told me to quit doing the neck stretches they had given me earlier, because it was just making my neck more bendy. She was even concerned about neurological issues with my neck. This lady gets 5 stars!!!
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