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More shoulder craziness

Posted Mar 13 2013 12:00am
So my hips are doing a lot better! They do pop and lock up occasionally but no more numbness and tingling. However all the extra exercises have aggravated my shoulders :-( There are exercises where I pull on my hamstrings and some yoga-type poses which tend to irritate my shoulders. With EDS it seems to be a case of "Fix one thing, another one goes out." My right shoulder keeps sliding out of place and it is very painful. I suspect this happens when I sleep on it wrong. Also anything involving manual labor seems to make it extremely "ticked off." The left shoulder seems to do it also but not as severely. It is getting so bad it is pulling some ribs out of place. I suppose (BIG SIGH) that I should call the shoulder doctor again but I'm not looking forward to it. More PT, an MRI and who knows what? The front of my collarbone has been popping and making odd squeaking noises. No joke. The back of the shoulder makes very loud popping and crunching sounds when I move it. This had started when I had surgery on it the first time and the doctor had assured me it was just the shoulder adjusting to its new position. But the sounds never went away - they got worse!!! I've been trying to do my shoulder exercises as well but some days it is just too sore to even use the arm at all. Like yesterday - I worked one-handed most of the day. Some better pain medication would also be nice but the downside to that is if it feels good then I use it and feel worse later. What I need is a nice long vacation on a tropical island and someone to bring my healthy gluten-free food while I recuperate.
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