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More shenanigans

Posted Jul 19 2012 12:00am
I like the word "shenanigans" - it's a funny word. Anyway, my life has been full of 'em lately. I had just gotten my hospital bill taken care of and my shoulder was getting better when a new problem cropped up. First I will explain what happened with the shoulder. As soon as I started doing the stretching exercises, using Voltaren etc., the pain started hopping back and forth shoulder to shoulder! By that I mean one day my left shoulder will hurt and then the next day my right shoulder will hurt! That tells me there is no serious injury to the left shoulder; it was just strain and muscle overuse? It will flare up if I try to do something like clean the house or garden but it will calm back down pretty quickly. So, the doctor released me saying I need to keep doing my exercises and if the pain doesn't continue to get better I need to call for an MRI. Heck I had even gained a few pounds of weight back. I was starting to feel pretty happy when... WHAM! Work troubles. Seems my employer was not happy about me taking all that time to go to PT. Boss didn't like me eating at my desk after using my lunch time for PT. I told her that eating frequently was a medical issue which I had tried explaining previously. Boss also said I used my cell phone and wrote some personal checks? Those things probably took all of 10 min. per month. I was so upset by this and still am. It seems that people are not very understanding of those with health conditions and our unique needs. They just see me eating at my desk and assume I am a lazy slob. I got a doctor's note stating I need to eat small, frequent meals which should have helped but didn't really. They want me to fit into their one-size-fits-all box but I can't because I am different. I was so angry, my stomach flipped out and I lost many of those pounds I had gained and had a few migraines as well. Now work is not such a happy place for me because I thought I could trust people, that people are caring and considerate but I found otherwise. I truly enjoy my job and many of my co-workers but it has this negative atmosphere for me now. It sucks. I am a spiritual person and it disturbs me how un-spiritual they are acting when they claim to be "Christians." It totally reminds me of the Pharisees in the Bible who followed all the rules yet totally missed the point of having the rules. That is what I feel the work rules are like. The point of the rules is to be productive; I am still super productive and never miss any deadlines. So what does it matter if I have to bend a few rules due to my health. It's not like I enjoy being sick and the exceptions are just me asking for help to make it through my days. Grrrrr.
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