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Moncler Men"s Jackets

Posted Jan 17 2013 8:34am
father, and now, she obtained freedom of the body, and so met Zhou Hong, all these add up to something that is not the fate of implied. Luo Zixin decided, from now on, her only for myself. and Zhou Hong proportion of shares initially agreed, moncler jackets Luo Zixin laughed ZHOU too bad, any one can easily holding his hand remains shares and her the Luo Zixin new distribution as well as the College of Agriculture at hand, Shikoku Dingli fact, Zhou Brothers as the core so that the risk of the equity completely disappeared. a move to retreat! Zhou Hong, in Luo Zixin reckoning added to the score, and she did not know, the idea was Lin Yan out.Luo Zixin very aware of their personality, just go to this company, it is really the eyes do not rub into the sand, those who line their own pockets, the idle parasite that is determined to clear out the. Obviously, Luo Zixin is he ZHOU borrow over a sharp knife, and Guo Huaide also could not afford to offend. Utilization on the use of it, in order to new Ju Wei nominal, enters the Hongseong, waiting for the next big game of chess, Luo Zixin also do not mind the pork chain. The Luo Zixin asked what to name the pork chain. ZHOU very calm and spit out the word: "Champion!" On this click Luozai Xin could not help but there is admiration bowed to the man at the foot of the impulse. Moncler Women's Hoody Champion, the champion! Magnanimously! Left the coffee shop ZHOU good mood, to see Luo Zixin really fall from the sky a Luo sister. Luo Zixin very business savvy, crusaded decisive ZHOU think some frightened to people, she entered Ju Wei, enough swept Ju Wei everything kid. As for Luo Zixin 40 million funding needs, she promised to be very straightforward, it appears that this money, she may not want to own a majority of you can find a bank loan. Properly, and has been since the pressure finally landed in the heart of the big stone, Zhou Hong is the need to find a good time to talk about with Lin Daoming and Zhou Fugui. Zhou Hong, subway, 48 minutes later returned to Yenching. The Yenching nearby shops, and each has its own distribution, things street food and beverage as well as accommodation, North Street Bookstore, South Street entertainment Street, K Cabaret, playground, there are cafes. Zhou Hong is ready to find an internet cafe, a small video conference call with Lin Daoming and Zhou Fugui open. Internet cafes independent package, Moncler Men's Jackets specifically for a couple of relatively quiet. ZHOU under the bus, and wanted to find an Internet cafe in South Street, but was stopped when the intersection of a middle-aged man wearing a black hat, wearing a black windbreaker. The men have a slight murderous, Zhou Hong, a look, a kind of instinctive alert. "A person who wanted to talk to you," a man's voice is hoarse. "Who?" Go you know, of course, you also can not go. "Zhou Hong nodded. Turned middle-aged man, to go walking the air of a military style, ZHOU attention once again of a cold, strong, but he can deal with. Followed by middle-aged man walked for 45 minutes, it is turned into an alley, a cold street lights shine quietly, a black business car parked by the roadside. The middle-aged man made a gesture,
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