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Posted Nov 29 2008 12:19pm
I haven't been to Canada in ten years. Last time I was here I was performing a show that Bella and I had written together for the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit. Bella is my oldest friend, who I met while trying to escape my New Jersey musical theater roommate in NYC. I was sitting on a kitchen counter in the residential crackhouse/hotel we lived in on Broadway, smoking a cigarette, when she wandered in, looking to escape her Wisconsan musical theater loving roommate. We bonded and moved in together our second semester, as we both hated musical theater and were both prone to not only smoking but wearing black lipstick and dying our hair all colors of the rainbow.

So here I am, 13 years after we met, being maid of Horror at her wedding. I'm doing a shit job of it, as well, but I think thats okay. And I'm making the some point, and am about to make french toast, because I'm awake and no one else is.

I said goodbye to my parents for the last time when they drove me to the airport. Strangeness. Starting the traveling thing. More strangeness. Starting to feel that peacefulness descend..interspersed with some stress because AR is freaking out. He has managed to not join the faction of whatever faction he was being pressured to join, but his family is revisiting the arranged marriage thing again. So apparently I have been outed somewhat as the evil western slut girlfriend, and the neighbors and family are quite in an uproar over it. I don't know much Nepali or Bengali, but in one tinny phone conversation I could decipher enough of his non english speaking fathers rage to understand that I was being called some choice words.

Urgh. " She is not India" and that sets wheels in head spinning, and there are reminders that I am indeed not India, but I am familiar with power cuts and strikes and bandits and dal, even though I hate to eat it. I'm a half step up from a tourist, but that half step was an uncomfortable slam into bucketing reality. But it will be ok, as soon as ARs visions of my constantly walking on rose petal strewn immaculately clean floors in sub zero air conditioning pass. I'm a tough cookie. Sometimes.

I'm sleepy.
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