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Medical Tests

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:44pm
Invasive Cervical Traction
You can find a detailed description of this test on Chiari Connection International's website under the Question and Answers/General Information tab. A printable version can also be found by clicking here.

Kriss, a brave blogger who had surgery at TCI in May, 2005 and Tethered Cord surgery in January 2007, has posted some very detailed photos and thoughts about her cervical traction testing on her website.

Lumbar Puncture has a short article titled Spinal Taps and Chiari describing the procedure, risks and what to expect after the test. has a more detailed description of a lumbar puncture procedure on their website here.

Urodynamic Testing
If you are being screened for tethered spinal cord surgery, you may have to undergo urodynamic testing to measure the pressure in your bladder.

A Michigan nurse who recently underwent urodynamic testing gave me permission to share her experience with you:

I know a lot of people want to know what the urodynamic test is like. Maybe they do it different at other places, but I just had the urodynamics test on Thursday. These were the steps:
- Arrive with a full bladder.
- Undress from the waist down.
- V oid into a sensored basin under a potty chair shaped table, this basin monitored the amount and flow velocity.
- The bed is laid flat-a small tube is placed into the bladder to collect residual urine, if that doesn't work a catheter is used and removed.
- Another catheter with small electrodes in it is inserted.
- An anal or vaginal tiny electrode is inserted.
- Stick on electrodes are placed on the buttocks and inner thigh.
- Everything is taped down and the table is put into the potty chair position-the bladder is filled with saline.
- First feeling of urge to urinate is noted.
- Strong urge to urinate is noted.
- Feeling of maximum capacity is noted.
- Bear down and cough at maximum capacity to check for leakage.
- Void again into the monitored basin.
- Everything removed and on your way!
Catheterization hurts me going in and coming out, it may not hurt everyone. I didn't love it but it was bearable. The PA was professional and I requested a female. They gave me a cover up sheet during the test and when I was asked to void (2 times) - they left the room. They also have numbing gel for the catheterization. I also had to have a consultation with a urologist before he ordered the test.

You can also find a printable copy of Urodynamic Testing instructions for patients from SUNY University Hospital by clicking here.
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