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Little Green Men

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:53pm

Since the X-Files new movie is coming out this summer my thoughts have wandered to government conspiracies & little green men as of late. To give credit where credit is due, I heard a conversation on the radio yesterday on the way to work ~ so this isn't completely original ~ but it made me pause and think.

You know how horse jockey's have a weight requirement ~ they have to be light on the horses backs so that the horses can run a fast race. Well ~ think about this ~ maybe all the accounts of aliens as 'tiny green men' is because they have a height requirement for the small UFOs. What a rude reality check it would be if we decided we could invade alien colonies ~ we thought they were tiny ~ thus we could have a great advantage. Then we find out that only the pilots of the UFOs are tiny and the rest of them are giants! LOL!

See what fills up my mind when I am not obsessing about my brain tail!!!
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