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Kinesio Tape

Posted Nov 15 2010 12:00am

Last week at PT I got my first experience with Kinesio Tape!

I would like to shake the hand of this guy, Mr. Kenzo Kase, who invented this stuff. I had a virtually pain-free weekend!! Of course as soon as it started itching and I took it off, the shoulder started spasming again with a vengeance :(

The PT lady taped the back of my shoulder, from the top to the bottom of my shoulder blade. It felt like the tape was lifting my shoulder up and back into its proper position! My shoulder is so hypermobile and wobbly, it continues to want to round/hunch forward which causes the muscles in front to shorten and muscles in back to get stretched out. They put it on Thu. and told me to take it off Sat. or Sun. By Sunday it was starting to itch, so hubby helped me pull it off. It is EXTREMELY sticky and somewhat difficult to remove and left some pink marks on my EDS skin, but it was well worth it. Tue. they might tape it up again - oh I hope so!
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