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Killer Death Flu Update

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

I am still alive, and attempting to cough up boogies in the shape of saints into my kleenex, so that I may sell them on Ebay to help pay for my vet bills. So far I have something that could possibly be Mickey Mouse, and several Jackson Pollack inspired masterpieces. I don't think I can sell these, but there's always that little "donate" button on the sidebar. Ahem. Cough cough.

Boy Pug is busy thunking into furniture, but is adjusting far more quickly than I could have hoped. Inside the apartment, it's hard to tell he's blind. Going for walks is a different matter..we are quite a sight..I'm bent over, hacking, sweating, Girl pug is racing ahead, Boy Pug is dragging behind and bumping into sign posts. Normally he loves walks, but not so much right now. That's fine with me, as going up and down three flights of steps now finds me using my hands to make it up the last flight and crawling down the hallway.

I'm to go back to work Saturday, unless my fever spikes again. I don't think this is the greatest idea, but eviction doesnt sound to wonderful, either.

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