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It's that craptacular time of the year (sing)

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am 1 Comment
"Craptacular" may be a term of my own invention. . .I just seem to notice that Jan./Feb./March seems to be one of my worst times of year. April and May aren't so hot either. OK, the entire seasons of winter and spring pretty much suck for me :) I do wonder if it may be the lack of sunlight/vitamin D. Or, it might be the weather fluctuations and storms. I generally look pale, washed out and sickly during these months. Some days I do feel good but overall there are many days I feel bad. I just started taking Carlson's vit. D3 drops. I hope that helps 'cause I'm tired of always being sick around my birthday in February.

My parents took us to an "unconventional" church when we were growing up. Kind of along the lines of Pentecostal. When I first started with my heart symptoms around age 12-13, my mom asked them to pray for me. One lady prayed to God about it and reported to my mother that my health problems were linked to the weather. At the time I thought she was nuts because I didn't see any correlation to the weather and my heart spells. But now, I think maybe she was right after all!
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Craptacular = Bart Simpson.  ;)

Agreed - winter is really tough.  I'm in New York, and this winter is doubtless going to be really, really cold.  It's a lot to contend with.  Hell, just dealing with all the extra layers is so much work - by the time I've put on all of my clothes and gotten on the coat, boots, scarf, hat, and gloves, I'm exhausted!  And then spring comes, and there are the allergies to deal with - headaches and asthma go nuts... of course summer is no peach because I have problems with heat.  I think the only time of year that doesn't make me sick(er) is Fall!

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