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India 1 airlines, fuel costs only recruit female flight attendants

Posted Jul 04 2013 6:59am

India 1 airlines, fuel costs only recruit female flight attendants

Beijing on July 2nd news (reporter Du Ximeng) according to voice of China "center wide news" report, some of the media reports, in India in the future, male flight attendants may lose their jobs, because an airline in India recently announced that, in order to save fuel costs, they will only employ female flight attendant.

The reporter understands, make this provision of the company is a Budget airline company in India GoAir, the Budget airline company because of the low fare, so relatively little profit space, previously had Irish Budget airline company in order to save fuel for airline stewardess weight loss. In recent years India rupee against the dollar continued to depreciate, last year lost 27%, major fitflops sale expenditures of aviation with the dollar, so the reality for GoAir more severe.

They just cheap Fitflop a account, flying in every pound weight hourly fuel consumption fee is about 1.5 rupees per female, the average body weight of 33-44 pounds lighter than men, about 15-20 kilograms, so relative to male flight attendants, all employ female flight attendants, to save fuel costs RS 3 crore per year, or about 4383000 yuan to increase the income, savings, it is no wonder that they would do such a choice.

According to statistics, the company a total of 132 male flight attendants to make provisions before, they will not be fired, but the company is currently 80 flight attendant just new has no male figure. According to GoAir, they would add 80 flights in 2020 before, must employ 2000 cabin crew and pilots, air crew will not be estimated male cheap snapback sale object 2000 working in favor of more analysis, that these male flight after flight opportunities compared to women will be reduced.

GoAir's CEO said, male flight attendants not only to save fuel sacrifice group. Because the company profit space is thin, the company has compressed air the size of a magazine, and the water is only 6 into a full, so the passengers actually have to pay for fake oakley GoAir savings behavior.

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