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In the Tube

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:44pm

Well, I went for my first of many yearly MRI's yesterday. It was of my cervical and thoracic spine first without and then with contrast. It took forever!!!! I was in the tube for about 1:45min. I hate laying on my back and even with 3 pillows under my knees my lower back was screaming and then there is this swallowing thing that happens when I am on my back. Everytime I swallow when I am supine (on my back) it "clunks" and feels like there is a lump there. So of course then I can't stop swallowing and it keeps clunking. I guess it kept my mind off the time anyway.

So I will find out the results when I see my NS June 24th. This appointment is a biggie folks. I haven't seen my NS since I went to TCI. So this is when I will find out how he is going to take my dx of occult tethered cord, chiari zero etc. He was very upset when I mentioned I was planning to go to NY so I don't think it's going to go very well. I'll find out if he is open to the idea of sectioning the filum terminale when it is the occult variant. I'm thinking not. but I have to ask. I have decided to take hubbie with me for moral support. I'm nervous but anxious to get to it.

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