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How does a NS just not tell you that you have a CM?

Posted Nov 21 2009 8:58am

Hello to all,

     Help me out with this for I am finding it very hard to understand. Here I have been suffering for almost 4 yrs.(it will be on Feb.2). I haven't been able to work and I am an ambitious, driven individual, but yet here I am almost completely bedridden and don't know why. Well, my disability hearing was set up after waiting for 3 yrs. for my attorney to get it in front of an Adiministrative Law Judge. Scary, I hate court stuff. I have had my share of it because of custody and an ugly one at that, but that is another story. I will probably post it in another forum..check it coming to a theatre near you...

     Anyway,as I was searching to get all my paperwork in order and checking for sure that I had everything that I needed for it I ran across this radiologist report. I have seen it b4, but saw something that I never noticed...IT SAID THAT I HAD A "MILD CHIARI MALFORMATION". How does a Dr. forget to tell you something like that? I mean that could very well be what is making me suffer so much...ya think?

      I have done called the Hospital that done my surgery...yes, I forgot to tell you that I had a ACD & F spinal fusion on Feb.02,'06 and as I said that is when the blank hit the fan. I didn't realize it right off because I thought it was just the healing process, but it was what you'd call hardware failure..failied fusion. I have been suffering for so long now my life has lost so much many ballgames and music shows from my sons that I had to miss 'cause mom just couldn't do anything. I just want to know if there is anyone out there that can tell me personally all @ CM so I can compare my which I do have that I know of. I will be check in so I can compare. IF ANYONE IS OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME...PLEASE DO..I NEED YOU..KAREN

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