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Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

Ohhhhhhhhh you all missed a heck of a fall!

I shall briefley summarize, to give my two long lost readers a chance to ponder, and ease myself back into blogging.

1. C the migraine maker turned out to be C the turdburglar
2. I turned 30
3. I had a few ER visits in between the turdburglar and the birthday
4. i went to paris, Belgium, and England
5. I had a spooky psychic
6. I had a rare brain malformation
7. I had brain surgery
8. I finally told the turdburglar to go flush himself
9. I'm still recovering from brain surgery
10. I went to Belize
11. I found a neat boy, who i may really like, who has no turdburglarness in him, and totally likes to read what I write

In preparation for the upcoming posts, google arnold-chiari malformation and syrinx ( or just Chiari malformation) and google suboccipital craniotomy and c1 c2 laminectomy

holy flying pugs, I sure outdid myself this time

xoxoxoxoxo and cookies

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