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Hand! People are Mongolia

Posted Nov 05 2012 12:14pm
Hand! People are Mongolia, in the end, who is the real A Ifans it?
    Dula De A Evans left to see, right look A Ifans, how two people look exactly the same, ah!, Two people are powerful magician! Halo so illegible! Du Lade try A Evans asked the left: The right of the accused: A Ifans, Dula De the left, not to be outdone: Dula De watching two A Evans fight, he is a head two big how to look, how to feel as if both sides are true God, an A Ifans have enough terrible, but two A Ifans! God, you really want my life!
    Elegant watching two A Evans, the reminds her heart A Ifans just wind Senior magic - shadow avatar! Could it be that, which is A Evans's avatar fails? Thought of this elegant whisper places of sorrow, said: Sad shook his head: Particular day trying to ! God ~! how would there be such a thing! which obviously has a A Ifans is fake! but why the two have become true? really strange! sure there is a fake! especially in one day hearts secretly thinking, but why my eyes can not see out of it?
    ! like wind Senior magic before A Ifans - shadow avatar! force it contains powerful than you now different, so you see through the six A Ifans being Which one is true, which one is the avatar! Now this case is also estimated similar! Ah?
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