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Give Me The Clay

Posted Sep 12 2008 8:56am

Just like Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams, I sometimes hear voices, too. I know what you are thinking, she's gone off the map ~ the brain tail has totally taken control! I beg to differ ~ I am at a point in my life where brain surgeries are looming in the future, so hearing voices does not sound to weird to me. Life is full of unexpected moments and I am trying to drink them all in and process them as they come.

Anyway ~ I was saying ~ I hear voices. I see dead people, too ~ but that is a whole other story! Yesterday, I went outside around lunch time to grab a breath of fresh air. It was a perfect summer day, the sun was brilliantly shining, there was a slight cool breeze ~ I was savoring the moment. Then out of nowhere, I hear a voice that says,

"Lacie, give me the clay."

I stop, look around to see who was talking to me. There is no one within hearing distance. OK ~ so God ~ say it again...

"Lacie, give me the clay!"

The second time, the voice spoke louder and with authority.

In my mind I thought, what the heck does that mean???? SERIOUSLY ~ if you are going to talk to me, tell me something I can understand. Then I laugh out loud, I get it, this is some type of parable, something symbolic. Then I stopped, right there on the sidewalk and spoke to the voice, "Ok ~ here, take the clay, you can have it ~ I don't know what to do with it anyway. I am really terrible at sculpting! I can only roll the clay into a ball or make a long snake ~ just not talented at all in that department!" Instantly, I felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I have no idea what all of that was about, but I gave it over to God, anyway.

I am guessing that more will be revealed in time...

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