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Frontal Headaches?

Posted by Carebear723

My son was diagnosed last month with mild Chiari I. He is 17 years old and has had headaches many times every week his entire life. The doctor told us that the headaches were not from the Chiari because they usually are frontal headaches. I wonder if that is true. He does have occitpital headaches, but not as frequently as the frontal. Also, the doctor also told us he could be paralyzed in a moment if he had a blow to his neck and he can no longer play contact sports and there is no surgery that would help with this.

I question this doctor as he has given us no solutions, but more to fear with the chance of my son being paralyzed. Has anyone had the same things told to them. Do I believe that my son has suffered headaches all these years and it really has nothing to do with the Chiari?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


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If you are not feeling comfortable with the doctor, then find a new one! Doctor/patient relationship works so much better if you feel comfortable with the doctor.

As for your son's headaches - I would suggest a second opinion. Headaches can be a side effect from the Chiari. Also, some forms of Chiari can be helped with surgery.


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