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Emotional stages of food allergies

Posted Feb 13 2013 12:00am
Yesterday was my birthday and I was hit square in the face with another one of those "situations" where I felt left out due to food. No one ever gets me food! I tend to get a little cranky about this on occasions. To be fair, one lady did buy me some fudge and I didn't have the heart to explain to her that I couldn't eat it due to the a.) sugar; b.) excess cocoa; c.) dairy; d.) possibly eggs or other things not listed. I just smiled and said, "Thank you," then felt horribly depressed. Most people around here get huge smorgasboards for their birthday. I got NOTHING... NO THING to eat. Apparently people are so confused and bewildered about what I could possibly have that they just give up and don't get me anything. This is curious to me - why don't they ask? I can eat many fruits and veggies. Small amounts of cheese. Plain potato chips and plain tortilla chips. Hummus. Guacamole. Nuts. DARK chocolate. They could even go to a health food store and buy some gluten free vegan cookies or chips but nope, I guess that is too much bother :-(

It sort of hurts my feelings because I am a very giving person and am always bringing food for others. One of our co-workers has cancer and I'm currently in the process of collecting two boxes of stuff to cheer her up in the hospital. But when it's my day nobody tries to help me. I wanted to throw a big pity-party for myself after all that! I did manage to make some gluten free vegan cupcakes and some coconut milk ice cream but I was too sad to really enjoy it. Hubby tried to cheer me up by saying, "Next year I'll try to make some for you." I think he could as it's really not any more difficult than making standard unhealthy cupcakes.

I think my problem is I'm the only one eating this way around here. In the Midwest there is not a lot of healthy food around. I noticed that when flying. The airports on the coasts had fresh fruit and many healthy and gluten free options. As soon as we got to Ohio, the "fresh" fruit was covered in some weird chemical preservative and there was nothing else for me. So I'm kind of the odd duck in this area. I think healthy eating is slowly catching on more but it's not as common as on the coasts. I am also the skinniest one because I don't eat much junk food. In fact I would like to gain some weight but how can I when no one ever brings me food??? I make all my food myself from scratch. The only prepared stuff I ever eat is gluten free Chex and the gluten free chips or snacks I buy for work.

This lady's blog sort of sums up how I feel

I do not feel sad or "deprived" anymore except during holidays and special occasions. I guess, like she says, it's because those events revolve around food and when you can't partake you tend to feel left out. So I've made progress overall but yesterday was just a dark spot for me.
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