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Duck egg experiments - success!

Posted May 19 2010 12:00am

I was finally able to track down some duck eggs and they've been working great! I finally have something I can bake with that won't cause my digestive tract to go haywire. I found a farm nearby that has ducks and sells duck eggs. It was a trip finding 'em - I had to drive down a bumpy dirt road and none of the family were wearing shoes :P (Definitely a different lifestyle than I'm used to. But I applaud them on their "green" living.) They said the ducks are fed in one of their sheds but they wander around everywhere eating bugs and plants.

Experiment #1 - rhubarb almond cake using one duck egg and fresh rhubarb from my garden. This turned out awesome! Much more fluffy than using my Enger-G egg replacer.

Experiment #2 - meatloaf using one duck egg. The egg helped the meat to stick together better. I've tried making meatloaf without egg, and it just sort of falls apart everyhwere.

Experiment #3 - apple spice pancakes using one duck egg. It called for applesauce, melted Earth Balance margarine, gluten-free flour. . .spices. . .some other stuff. . .WOW! They were so fluffy! This is one problem I've had with gluten-free and vegan pancakes. They ususally turn out really dense and heavy but these turned out great!

Experiment #4 - chile relleno casserole using three duck eggs. This is what we're eating tonight and I hope it turns out well. The recipe called for four chicken eggs, so I reduced it by one due to the larger size of the duck eggs. It is cheese, sour cream, chiles, eggs, spices and baking powder.

The things I noticed that are different about these eggs is they're larger, the yolks are bigger and an orangish color, and overall they're less watery. I don't notice a thing different in taste though! I did some research and found more info. about duck eggs.

P.S. Ducks are such adorable birds, too ;)
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