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Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

I ate the dogs food again for breakfast. I couldn't help it. I think it's the garlic. I might make it with lamb next time..tastes almost greek with the yogurt. Then the pugs would have to fight me for it. I think I might win, unless Boy pug does his behind-the-knees body slam.

I'm soooo gonna TIVO Saturday Night Live this week...I heard it was an Ashlee Simpson repeat.

I have no entry for Ghetto of The Week at all. I don't know if that means my parents win by default even if they have a lame one. I did hear a few gunshots over the weekend but I really think that means nothing. And since the corner bar was shut down for illegal liquor something or another, there hasn't been any stabbings of late either.

Ever since Girl pug had her surgery and Boy pug decided to wee on everything in has to wear a dog diaper when I'm gone. But the diaper didnt quite cover his naughty bits, so I stuck an Always Overnight maxi pad with wings in it. It hangs out the front and back..but it WORKS! No accidents.

P and I are doing an experiment. We both have repulsive hand rashes, and can't decide if we should use antibiotic cream or antifungal cream. My pharmacist suggested both. P is going to try antibiotic for two weeks and I'm gonna try the antifungal and we'll see whos hands get better and whos spontaneously combusts. P also suggested perhaps we should get new oven mitts. I suggested torching the bakery and baths in Clorox.

Thats all I feel like admitting to today.

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