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Cheese And Crackers

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:19pm

Holy mother of all that is dysfunctional.

I spent Friday evening with Rogue Agents ex fiance. All was fascinating and illuminating. This is one on one

Rogue Agent returned from work and I got to witness some fascinating dynamics. This was illuminating and dystonic. This was one on two

Rogue Agent and I had illuminating and fascinating and uncomfortable discussions. This was just needed. This was one on one

I spent Saturday replacing my CSF fluid with rum and meeting members of the Kool-Aid drinkers club, which of course, tried to make me drink the Kool-Aid. This was amusing and shocking and hilarious and sick. This was one on eight.

Rogue Agent and I returned to his lair and had hilariously illuminating bonding and discussions. This was one on one.

Sunday I had one on one with Rogue Agents best male friend, whom I now adore completely, movies and popcorn with the ex fiance and her girlfriend, dinner with ex fiance, girlfriend, best male friend, his girlfriend, and Rogue Agent, which escalated into fascinating and dystonic and horrifying and left me positivley ATOMIC. This was one on six, one on two, one on one.

Then Rogue Agent returned me to my lair, and we had discussions that were much needed, furthered the cause, reinforced the greater good, and slightly quashed the flow of lava from my ears and mouth. One on one about one on two and one on eight.

Vague? Maybe. Unexplainable? Positively. Lessons learned?

1. I LOVE this person. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours
5. Oh, and normal.
6. Me and the best male friend are gonna be tighter than my old skull was, yo.
7. Me and the ex fiance are gonna be tight, except for the dynamic that makes me atomic, and now EVERYONE is aware of this.
8. Yeah. Takes a lot to make me mad, takes what's unusual to others, takes understanding that I am many things, but full of crap and unaware are not them, and please stand back, please let me process, please don't try to talk to me about something you don't know anything about, please don't make excuses, please don't discount everything you've been told and seen about me, because when I am ATOMIC....hehehehehe. It all ends up good, and hilarious for M, and just reaffirms how cool I am.
9. Love love love love this man.
10. Gonna work? If it doesn't, I have certainty I didn't break it. If that stays one on one. Numbers two through 8...seem quite the vandalistic sort, however. In the a certain road to a certain place is paved with good intentions, but the masons were dysfunctional and also didn't take into account how seriously hot and fast molten lava can be.
11. Good old fashioned nuclear blasts are actually quite lovely
12. I feel normal and functional and had a freaking blast, even though I blasted through the roof, and got completely blasted, and I did NOT feel like a brain surgery patient or a freak at any time, except when I realized that especially comparitively I am SOOOOOOO NORMAL AND FUNCTIONAL AND SELF AWARE AND FUNCTIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL.

AND I'm still going camping, because they may TRY and leave me in the woods, but I am SO NOT SCARED OF YOU ALL ANYMORE. Because I am ATOMIC.

And I love this man.

And I like them all.

And I hate parts of the group dynamic.

And I will love this man and not play those reindeer games.

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