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Can anyone help Decompression surgery done still has Syringomyelia

Posted by JenTemple

Hello Everyone


Family history


I have had 2 surgery myself for Chiari.  First one went good then got a staph infection in the incission and the dura graph didnt take so they opened me back up again and redid the deed!  I am like a new person!  Now headaches are pretty good the odd bad headache not to bad though! 


My daughter 16 just had surgery in December for the same thing she also has a Syringomyelia which i never had!  and the Adontoid bone is turned in.(my malformation of the skull not a big deal)  as for her today she started with some slurred speach and then a nasty pressure headache that seems to be lasting a long time no drugs touching the pain.  I called the Neuro and he said not to panic not too alarming but to watch how she is and check in later on. 

 Anyone got any thoughts for me? 

Concerned MAMA

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