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Blog Cause. Blog 'Cause

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:19pm

May 1st is Blogging Against Disability Discrimination Day. You can bet me and my funkified self will try to come up with something I intend to be profound, but will likely just be obnoxious instead and poorly spelled.

I have known, for years, that I was indeed, slightly special. In oh so many ways. But it was not something I ever intended to really blog about, until 2005 when my super cool awesomness became a bit more apparent and my blog became a bit more of a friend to me. Ya know. Stuff works that way. But after a lengthy blog hiatus I just HAD to spill the beans, and yet again, my writing shifted focus a bit.

The topic for BADD day is free choice, of course though, you blog about diability or disability discrimination or challenge in some form. This leaves me in quite a quandry. I have soooooo many choices. So if any of my readers who have followed me through my baking stories, pug stories, urban horror stories, family stories, kidney stories, brain stories, boy stories, insomnia stories, or Things I Like This Week stories have any topics they think would be neat adressed by my grammatically challenged only functionally literate self, please leave me a comment to get my brain a'thinking.

Check out the link listed or the badge on the top of my page. Get involved.
And look for a post Sunday or Monday. I'll be quiet until then to leave this one at the top..oh yeah, and also because Rogue Agents sapphic ex fiance and i met this week and are getting along in a huge scary way and she's having me over tonight for girl bonding and rum and then I'll be there tomorrow as well for the Inbred Mutant Camping Get Acquainted BBQ, where I'll probably bond in a scary way with everyone else and then we'll all go live on a commune together. But that's a later post, I think.

Oh, and to my former place of employ as of an hour ago.." Screw you guys, I just went home"

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