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Bile Salts or Ox Bile

Posted Apr 26 2011 3:20pm

I read a couple places that if you don't have a gallbladder, it helps to take something called "Bile Salts" or "Ox Bile."

Most surgeons are blithely ignorant about the lost function of the gall bladder in patients who cholecystetomy. All patients lacking a gall bladder suffer from deficiency of bile acids. Patients lacking a gall bladder are unable to control bile secretion into the intestines to regulate proper absorption of fats, fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins. Proper removal of toxins depends on bile acids that are not available in appropriate quantities after cholecystectomy. All persons who have had cholcystectomy need to take bile acids permanently. Without a gall bladder the patient has lost the ability to stock up on fat that can be used as a source of calories in illness and famine, essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins(A, D, E, K).

- From

I was able to find these capsules at my local health food store, and plan to take them indefinitely. The doctor said there was a BIG gallstone in front of my duct. I'm not sure of the exact size, I'll be asking him Friday! Not completely lodged in the duct, but blocking it pretty badly. My theory is that this was making it impossible for the bile to flow and all the bad stuff just kept building up (toxins, extra hormones, etc.) I really hope that this will be a key part in healing my body!
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