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Big Lessons, Wee Lessons, Things I Like, Things I Don't, And Everything In Between

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

When you are 30, pasta should be a basic food group and enjoyed more frequentley than every 1-4 years.

One must remember that Rogue Agents, while exciting in all their double agent geekdom, are still Rogue Agents, and you may need to at some point shove them into an icy river. But not quite yet.

I'm riding the crest of a wave, suprised I haven't fallen, and unsure of when I will, and when they hell did I learn how to surf anyway?

For the first time ever, I love my physical therapist, my Thouth American Teutonic Terror, he of the lisp and the scar above his eye and the hands that cradled my head today and relieved the numbness in my left arm, and I think he just earned himself his very own blue halo and I just got another mad, mad crush.

Easter eggs are far too tempting as missles to aim at the Flouncer/skulker/fulker.

I have given up the idea of a bad boy on a motorcycle with more tatoos and scars than myself, and am thinking someone who can fix my computer instead is far far sexier.

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