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Already had surgery. Still in pain. What next?

Posted by sugipar2006 Facebook

I had my surgery sept 4 of 2008. Right now I am having migraines a lot with a sharp pain at my neck on the same side the migraine is on. I am also having aching everyday across the base of my neck. The doctors keep giving me medicine but so far nothing has helped. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or has any advice on what doctor I should see or what helped them. thanks
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Hi Sara...I had my surgery in Dec. 2006. I, too, still suffer from everyday headaches, migraines and neck spasms along with all the other balance and coordination problems, just to name a few. Not sure what the surgery accomplished but nothing is better, maybe even worse. Anyway, my family doc has tried just about everything you can think of to try and help with the headaches, incl. Tylenol 3 and 200mg Codeine, with no luck. I found another neurosurgeon who recommended a cervical pillow to start (get a good quality one cost about $100, but well worth it: got mine at Shoppers Drugmart) and it helped tremendously with the "jolt me out of my sleep" headaches. Secondly, he started giving me steroid injections at the base of my head on each side of my neck. The first try lasted for about 10 days, headache free, but then the headaches came back everyday. Three months later, it was done again. Lasted again for about ten days headache free BUT, then the headaches were less frequent and less severe for the next couple months. Scheduled for round 3 on Feb 25th. These shots can only be given every 3 mths and if the first try doesn't work.....try it again! Seems the more times you have it, the better it is. Hope this helps ;)
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