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24 Hour Blizzard Party People

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:20pm

Leaving work in the wee pre dawn hours Saturday morning, my sweaty work pants froze to my bum.

I should have taken that as a sign to go promptly home, climb into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep until Monday. Instead I bussed across town, to a 24 hour grocery store, to get blizzard snacks and such.

Arriving home, the heat was out. I managed to refilch the basement keys and flipped every switch I could find. Back upstairs the space heater was on, multiple pairs of jammies were donned, and pugs perched on my head and lap and the back of my knees as they pleased. I flipped through every news station, listening to storm estimates and start times, watching footage of long lines at hardware stores and people buying shovels. ALWAYS shovels. Evey year. I didn't know they were so disposable.

Mid morning found me heading out again, forming snot-cicles at the bust stop. Pugs must have blizzard distractions. As a child in the midwest, my mother would send my sister and I down to the basement to ride our tricycles. I buy the pugs various dried bits of animal parts to gnaw on..they are brilliant after all, but have yet to master tricycle riding.

I nap. Walk the pugs as the snow starts. Watch DVD's of "Dead Like Me". Nap some more. Make pug food. Eat chocolate muffins. More napping. Awake to see huge snow drifts on the street. Outside Boy Pug is disoriented by the snow and cold. He keeps walking head on into snow drifts, so I play pug yo-yo, snapping up his leash and launching him over pug-swallowing drifts. Girl pug simply barrels through, plowing neck deep down the sidewalk.

I've yet to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time since waking for work Friday night. There's something about the first snowstorm of the year that gets me all twitchy and excited, afraid of sleeping through it, needing to look out the window every few hours. The city becomes so much more quiet, and I have to go outside and listen to the silence and the wind blowing, broken only by the sound of snow plows, or fire engines as the folks at the halfway house across the street are apparently feeling the cold as well and setting the building on fire with more frequency.

Today the snow may eventually stop, and I'm sure I'll pass out in a few hours, snuggled up with the pugs in bed.

Life is good this weekend, after all.

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