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10-Year Ache: Singer Rosanne Cash on living with Chiari

Posted Jun 12 2012 12:00am

I was especially intrigued by this statement:
Looking back on it all, the singer has only one regret: she wishes she hadn't placed so much faith in so many “new age” practitioners of alternative therapies to deal with her problems. “I still have a lot of residual anger towards some of these people—many of them basically told me it was my fault for 10 years,” Cash says. “You know, that it was my hormones, or my stress, or my holding in my anger.”
I have dealt with some of this, and it hurts. In fact I dealt with some of it last year when I had my gallbladder out. I try to go the natural route as much as possible. But when your gallbladder is full of stones and refuses to clear itself, or your brain is squishing out of the back of your skull and meditation hasn't magically sucked it back up there you don't have much choice. Well you do always have a choice: you can live with the pain as is or you can risk having surgery. In my case I decided to risk having my gallbladder removed. But, my brain is not bad enough to risk having the Chiari surgery. It just hurts when your so-called "friends" are passing judgement on your decisions on these things. They are not the ones living with the constant pain, the ability or inability to eat, the consequences afterward, etc. What makes it even weirder is when the people judging are the ones also living with similar conditions?! I know amazing things can happen, even miracles. But they don't happen in every case. In some cases the cure comes through a doctor's skill. Anyway I really enjoyed this informative and thought-provoking article. Now if we could only get a famous person to admit they have EDS!
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