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cherie t.

Pleasant Hill, California
A health care professional for over ten years (in the same office)!I branched out for many reasons....! It has been the greatest outcome from being at such a crossroads in my life! Second year in marriage, remodeling a house, buying two new cars, and a baby somewhere in all a nutshell! Now I am a part timer in the office. My husband is the finance business major, working for the police dep. and fire dept.. I still work with health care providers, physicians, dentists, and also... Full Bio
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May 11 2010 by Marly
Hi Cherie: I hope the cucumber has given you some relief. You are as myself a Health Care Professional. However I had to leave my job due to chronic back pain. An old injury from 2001. Physician now wants me to have back surgery but thats a scary thought and I've seen to many that didn't work. Still thinking, it is getting worse. Its ironic that I have cared for so many and I myself end up like this. Grrrrr.....
Apr 29 2010 by Marly

Hi Cherie t.

If you start to break out which I don't think you will. Use cucumber. Cut a slice of cucumber and rub it all over your face. Sounds weird but it works. The peelings work well to.

Feb 15 2010 by cherie t.

...YIPEEEEE...One of our product users is Arjen, this years Olympian for speed skating! he has shaved off 3 seconds of his best time with our product line in sports performance!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 30 2009 by jasmine a.

Apologies for late response,my Mums in hospital. My back is good thanks for asking. 

Re  co worker w bpain Important to find root cause then treat that along with symptoms. I'm not Dr so cannot give individual advice. Check with Dr 1st- bp can be symptom of other issues-good to rule those out.

 I had herniated discs/muscle imbalances at root of my pain. LTBP system/water therapy/massage/heat helped me. Other things can help too, its finding what suits you best. A few lifestyle things like sleep positions, how we sit etc may help as well. Not v much space here to elaborate! I discuss my experiences/useful links etc in my blog. 

Sep 22 2009 by Dr. Lynn Dorman, PhD, JD

I have been taking food-based supplements from a company for 13 plus years  - decided it was high time to tell others about them.  And in this economy - it was an even better time as I am helping others earn an income! 


Sep 09 2009 by smith555
am a building contractor .....why do you ask?
Sep 07 2009 by cherie t.


my first blog...... 

Sep 03 2009 by cherie t.


Have just started finally loosing the stubborn 15 lbs and it has brought me a new way of life finally!  It brought me to Wellness!