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cherie t.

Pleasant Hill, California
A health care professional for over ten years (in the same office)!I branched out for many reasons....! It has been the greatest outcome from being at such a crossroads in my life! Second year in marriage, remodeling a house, buying two new cars, and a baby somewhere in all a nutshell! Now I am a part timer in the office. My husband is the finance business major, working for the police dep. and fire dept.. I still work with health care providers, physicians, dentists, and also... Full Bio
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I am scared

I am now trying to concieve.  I am worried about soemthing called genetic testing?? I have not had this test done and I may be pregnant already??...

Off pill...Omega

  Now that I am off the pill and ready to try to concieve...I will share an Omega 3 that is as pure as the prescription level of...

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    I just went off the pill.  What should I expect?  Skin breakouts that are significant? Should I stay away from certain foods, meds?...

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May 11 2010 by Marly
Hi Cherie: I hope the cucumber has given you some relief. You are as myself a Health Care Professional. However I had to leave my job due to chronic back pain. An old injury from 2001. Physician now wants me to have back surgery but thats a scary thought and I've seen to many that didn't work. Still thinking, it is getting worse. Its ironic that I have cared for so many and I myself end up like this. Grrrrr.....
Apr 29 2010 by Marly

Hi Cherie t.

If you start to break out which I don't think you will. Use cucumber. Cut a slice of cucumber and rub it all over your face. Sounds weird but it works. The peelings work well to.

Feb 15 2010 by cherie t.

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