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Cheri Fraker

Cheri Fraker, CCC/SLP, CLC is an ASHA certified pediatric speech pathologist and certified lactation consultant. She provides therapy services at The Center for Neuromuscular Services and is the clinic feeding specialist for The Center for Selective Eating and Pediatric Feeding Disorders, a... Full Bio
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Jan 28 2011 by Cheri Fraker


Research is not the important thing here, even though every feeding professional out there says not to do that and there are numerous studies on flow rate and feeding (Lan, et al, etc), in a hospital slitting a nipple is tampering with medical equipment.  There is no way to regulate the flow and in fact, you are altering a product in your facility purchased to feed infants.  That cannot happen.   Cheri

Jan 26 2011 by Christi


I am an SLP  at a Childrens Hospital trying to get staff away from cutting nipples and enlarging them if a child needs thickened liquid. I have given them reasons why it is inappropriate but they want "evidence". I had printed something a long time ago from your blog "General tops for feeding preemies ...." which I still have, but am wondering if you have any articles about specifically cutting nipples?  I have tons of research on flow rate but nothing on cutting nipples. Christi

Jul 27 2010 by katei
I am working on literature review on feeding and effective treatment strategies for children with autism. I am an occupational therapist. I was interested to know if you have any articles with research data
Mar 03 2010 by Monica D.

By Monica R.  

Hi Cher,

What suggestions do you have for a 2 year old male who tastes most foods-sour, salty, sweet, and mostly puree or soft solids; however after chewing he spits it out.  At present he will only eat egg with ketchup (he loves sauces), applesauce, occassionally mashed beans, and upon parents putting sauce on i.e. chicken he will suck the sauce and spit out the rest.  

Oct 26 2009 by Cara R

Hi Cheri

What suggestions do you have for a 10 month old (7.5 adjusted) preemie with Down's who only "sucked" paci reflexively the first few weeks of life and has just now been released to try feedings orally?  She is still on an NG tube with no active suck.  Start with sippy cup and introduce spoon tastes, forget the bottle? -Indianapolis