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Teaching Life Skills In Your Curriculum

Teaching life skills in your curriculum to your children is a great idea regardless of disability.  All children need to know that how to take...

What If College Isn’t In Your Child’s Future?

What if college isn’t in your child’s future? Let’s not dance around reality.   I have a child with autism who didn’t speak a word until after...

Doing Community Service With Your Child With Autism

Doing community service with your child with autism can be tricky.  They really can’t go  somewhere alone to serve  nor would you want them to...

Teaching Art By Making A Placemat

Teaching art is as easy as making a placemat. A fellow homeschooling mom shared this tip with me many years ago. She is the mom of 11 children...

Therapy Subjects Count For Credit In High School

Therapy subjects count for credit in high school.  What is a therapy subject?  Any subject your child with autism does that helps to remediate his...

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