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Chef Jeff R.

Stanford, California
I am a long time Bay Area chef and proprietor with a passion for organics, eating locally and sustainability....... I have yo-yoed with my weight for the last 20 years due to "pornographic" eating habits. (yes....that bad) In January 07 I had an epiphany while at a Wellness meeting at my heaviest weight of 290.....enough was enough!! Since then I have become a full on Gym -Rat and have lost 80 lbs to date!! Thank You Wellsphere!
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Mar 24 2009 by Alejandra H.

Hey Jeff!

I was worried because I don't see you at the gym. But now I know you continue on your good path. 

Great job!



Nov 12 2008 by Geoff, MD
Jeff, Congrats on your long term success. You really show how it is possible to lose the weight if you just set your mind to it and follow your own plan. Now that you are on the brink of achieving your goal of 200lbs, are you going to set another? Cheers, Geoff
Oct 24 2008 by natacha
hey jeff, thanks sooo muck for the encouragement...the pics look amazing...what a change....congratulations :)