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I am the mother of 3 girls with multiple food allergies. My husband and my mother also have food... Full Bio
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Jul 29 2009 5:13am
Unfortunatly there is no simple answer. If it is an allergy you can be tested for it,... more
Jul 29 2009 10:00am
Yes, Benadryl at the recommended dose should take care of the hives. Do not give him any... more
Feb 26 2009 7:11am
It could be the milk and/or eggs. It could also be environmental allergies, something... more
Apr 12 2009 2:13pm
Yes and no. I'm sure you already know about the general food guidelines that will help... more
Feb 20 2009 6:40pm
There is no one oil that I know of that has all the benefits of fish oil, but I have... more
Feb 19 2009 7:08pm
Feb 19 2009 6:14pm
I was told by my doctor that vomiting is not a sign of an allergic reaction,... more
Feb 19 2009 6:53pm
My kids have that problem every time they go to a slumber party. For us the best bet is... more
Feb 10 2009 2:10pm
For the dry lips my best answer is drink lots and lots of water, dehydration is a big... more
Feb 04 2009 9:48am
You mother like I do. You pay very close attention to what is going on in your son's... more
Jan 30 2009 11:49am
Because your breasts are full your veins are just being pushed to the surface. It is... more
Jan 30 2009 11:13am