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Pilates and cardio

One exciting thing about Pilates is its ongoing development. From the time Joseph Pilates created its today renowned method, we have now different...

Pilates fights cancer

 It’s no secret that exercise can help prevent disease. What is new is that certain physical activities, as Pilates, can help prevent and even...

Pilates for sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that produces the inflammation of the sciatic nerve that starts in the lower back and goes down the lower limb, causing a...

Pilates for diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes you know that you are particularly prone to injuries, which leaves you thinking: can I practice any physical activity at...

Pilates apparel: Pilates-Yoga socks

While practicing Pilates and yoga or similar physical activities it is always there a latent risk of slipping, tripping over, falling and getting a...
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Jul 28 2009 by Josie F.
Hello: I'm interested in Pilates due to reshaping my stomach and sides. I'm 58 and due to an accident my right lower leg and foot/ankle is limited in use - if not useable at times . Can you give me any ideas? Thanks Josie

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