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Im a 24 year old woman living  with an ileostomy after being diagnosed with Chrones and U.C....If anyone one has any questions id be happy to help xx
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May 11 2011 by darlin
Hi Charlotte, so nice to meet you.  As for the aloe vera gel, I never could stand the gel but I used the liquid. I mixed it in my juice and drank it that way. I honestly don't remember any great changes either positive or negative but I'm sure it won't hurt you.    Please feel free to "talk" to me anytime and God's best to you.  Linda Darner
Apr 07 2011 by darlin
Hi Charl, just rec'd this msg to be your friend on happy to meet you. I've battled Crohn's since I was 12 yrs old and on 4/11 this body of mine will be 71. It's been through the war but I'm still here!!  I also have an ileostomy with a very short piece of small intestine left.
Apr 06 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with loud applause, Cheers!

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