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Who ate all the pies!!!!

Hi all Well I really am crap with this blogging lark, it seems I have new lungs and that's it I have a life again and don't have time to do...

New Year, New Me

Well i was going to start and do this blog right and try to update it every day but then i was thinking that there isnt much going on in my life...


I'm fat and its making me really upset, i look preg and i feel so ugly but i just cant seem to stop myself from eating. I'm over eating that's the...

Hair loss

Hair loss is something you think of old people having to deal with not something you want to have to think about when your 26 years old and yet...

Hospital Life

I haven't been updating my blog, I'm not sure why as i have been in hospital alot since TX and have had the time but i guess i don't what to moan...

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